College is completely useless

Detroit recently launched a program that will allow 1,000 juniors and seniors at Education Achievement Authority to earn up to $30,000 in free college credit work at paid job apprenticeships while they’re still in school, according to Detroit News.

However, I’ve been to college. I graduated. First I received my Associate’s degree. Did I get anything out of it? No. A few years later, I received my Bachelor’s degree. Yet I’m still at my same old stale, dead-end job earning next to nothing while not using my degree.

Been there, done that. And yet I have nothing to show for my accomplishments.

And besides, you don’t even need college to be successful.

Dude was a college dud.Did you know Bill Gates was a college dropout? Steve Jobs? Mark Zuckerberg?  None of them finished college.

What did they do after becoming college dropouts? Gates created Microsoft. Jobs founded Apple. And Zuckerberg? While attending Harvard, he teamed up with Dustin Moskovitz, Eduardo Saverin, and Chris Hughes to create the current biggest social media empire: Facebook.

And by the way: I’m typing this blog on a Dell computer. Dell founder Michael Dell is also a dropout.

Furthermore, it’s next to impossible to follow the major of your choosing into the career you want. Most of us never enter the same career.

I just know you’d rather not go up to $200,000 in debt with no prospects after you finish college. If you can’t enter the career you want, if you wind up wasting 7 years of your life as a cashier, why bother taking out that much in student loans? Why bother going to college at all?

That’s why college is completely useless.

As a result, we chose LifeWave. We believe in the products we sell. They actually work. And better yet, LifeWave pays us good money to sell its products. You don’t need college. You just need LifeWave.

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